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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clean Craft Room Tour

 My craft room is finally clean and I took the opportunity to take pictures before I get in here and wreck havoc again. I am not a clean and organized crafter. When I do clean up I can never find anything. I spent 30 minutes today looking for the fiberfill I hid from myself.

 I love the color on the wall, it was my Grandmothers' favorite. When I found the fabric at Old Time Pottery   I knew it was the color for this room.

 My computer nook. 
    Every girl needs a TV.

 My acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, resource material and scrapping supplies.

This chest hold all my sewing fabric and cross stitch fabric. 

I love this pin keep. I got it and the box while I was in North Carolina on vacation. The picture is my daughter and me at her wedding. It is one of my favorites.

 The pink bird house and the still life I painted with acrylic paints.

This old wooden box was another wonderful find.
     These boxes found at Michaels are for my bead storage.

More storage and an old sewing box, behind the cross stitched bride. I will paint the sewing box soon. 
 The Bride I Crossed Stitched for my Daughter's Bridal Shower.

 My sewing nook and ribbon storage.

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoy being here. This is fast becoming my favorite room in the house. Until next time!



  1. What a pretty space you have created! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    Have fun at the baby shower!!

    I finally have a little space for moi and would love for you to drop by and see it if you have time!

    bee blessed

  2. Hi Pam..thanks so much for sharing....I love seeing all sorts of studios today on the WBC tour....and I'm making my rounds to as many on the list as possible.

    your cross stitch bride is stunning! and I love that you have a nook for everything...that's what I do too!

    visit with me if you like.
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Wow, you have space for everything. I love that the color on the walls was from your Grandma. I also love the needlepoint of your daughter. Amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative space!

  4. pretty vintage pieces! Love the striped boxes, too.

    Thanks for sharing your space!

  5. What a wonderfully decorated space! You must love just being in there!

  6. Hi Pam, What a great creative space you have. You have so much beautiful inspiration to surround you. I love your creative designs and the bride cross stitch is gorgeous.
    Also love the accent wall color in your space. So warm and inviting.
    So nice to meet you.
    Have a great rest of the weekend and happy creating.
    Hyugs, Celestina Marie

  7. The colors are very pretty and I love your storage all goes together including your blog backround......I love the romance of the wicker too! Enjoy the shower!!!!

  8. Wonderful creative space you how - thanks so much for sharing~

  9. Such a pretty space. Love all the storage. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I am still amazed every time I visit one of these blogs from Where Bloggers Create! Your space is lovely and comfy. Nice to meet you, I hope you will find time to visit me, too...


  11. Your space is so inviting, I could curl up on your day bed tucked in the corner ~ Such a comfy place to work in ~ lucky girl :) It has been a pleasure meeting so many creative woman.

    ♥ ஆєℓєηα

  12. I love this tour. Thanks for sharing yours with all of us!

  13. Pam,
    Thanks for sharing your spaces with is lovely! Your bridal cross stitch is absolutely stunning.


  14. Very pretty Pam! I love the vintage / antique items; especially the tool box and printer's tray! Thanks for the tour!

  15. Thank you for sharing your lovely space Pam. I also love antiques and vintage pieces, and you have nice collection of them.

  16. Thanks for the peeps. Love that vaulted ceiling and your hot pink dress form. I too have those michaels boxes- love them. Keeps smiling and creating thanks for sharing.

  17. You have a lovely creative space! It looks cheery and comfy. Thanks for the tour!

  18. Great place to play
    There is so much to look at.
    It is almost a month since the tour and I'm still looking it take time to see it all Laura

  19. Great place to play
    There is so much to look at.
    It is almost a month since the tour and I'm still looking it take time to see it all Laura


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