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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bathroom Redo

Bathroom Redo... it  should be called what I did on my Christmas Vacation.
I have hated this bathroom from the very day we moved in. It has been one of those rooms were something is always broken not working, leaking, clogged up and just plain ugly. We put shower doors up when we first moved in. The bathroom was really to small for them but hubby wanted them so in they went.
I wish I had taken a picture before we demoed the place. I was so HHHAAAPPPYYY sad to get rid of the doors and the wallpaper that I forgot to take a picture and dove in.

What a mess!!! See the beautiful wallpaper sneaking out from behind the toilet. I had a wallpaper hanger put it up and he apparently never sealed the drywall before he hung it. That left one mess when trying to pull the wallpaper off. I skimmed the top third of the walls with plaster because I knew we were going to cover the rest of the walls with BEAD BOARD (cue the angels singing). I have been trying to get G to do this for years. But all you gals know, it won't happen till it is their idea.

Bead board going up.

We (as in G) primed most of the boards before we put them up. Framed the window to cover the gaps. Nothing in this house is level or plumb for that matter. Yes we could have scribed for a perfect fit but I was lucky G was helping me, so I kept my mouth shut.

Molding up and new wider baseboards in. We used the real wood from Home Depot. To be honest I tried to find the paneling but it was nowhere to be found. Serendipity I guess because I think I like this much much better even though it was more work. Sanding done and believe it or not I actually cleaned up a bit.

Painting done. The walls above the paneling are grey and the paneling is white. The ceiling was painted a pale grey. Even caulking, my favorite part, said no one ever, done. It was my least favorite part of this whole redo but you can't beat the finished look.

         I even re-grouted the shower. Nice Huh! I am so proud of this bathroom now. I go in just to look at it. It was so pretty we didn't use it for about a week. But now for the fun stuff. Decorating my favorite part!!!

I bought this toilet paper holder and plate rack at Old time Pottery and sprayed them ivory. I wanted a wine rack but could not find one big enough so this will have to do until i find the perfect one.

This was my first look. Sorry for the pictures. It is a small room and difficult to photograph. I used burlap on the window. The shower curtain is a dark cream background with an overly of light cream lace. Grey, cream, tan and white striped towels from Target.

This is what I ended up with. The candle lantern I bought at an import store many years ago and sad to say they are no longer in business. I still need to find some material to frame the burlap curtain. I will leave that for another post. But I must say this little redo gave me the confidence to tackle some bigger projects. I need to replace the vanity outside of this small bathroom. Wonder if G is up to it yet? Better give him a little more time before I mention that.
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