Maime Rae

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Temporary Fix

I would like to share with you my temporary fix for my thirty year old laminate counter top in my kitchen. I want to replace it but have not decided what I want to use. I found a product from Rust-Oleum called counter top coating. It is a paint to renew and restore counter tops. I have also used it on the bathroom counter top which fared a lot better than in the kitchen. It seems to scratch in a high use area but at about $20 a can even if you have to redo it in a year or so it is worth it. It comes in quite a few colors, that are custom mixed and I used pewter. I had recently painted the lower cabinets a light grey and tiled the back splash and the dark grey looks so much better than the worn 70's cream.

Before paint and tile

After, lower cabinets are now grey.
This is my first post. I hope I have done everything right, if not, all suggestions are more than welcome.

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