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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Warrior Project

This is the start of our latest weekend warrior project. We have been storing the wood in the back corner of our yard and it was pretty cold trekking back there to get wood for our fireplace. So G came up with this great idea for wood storage.

Wow this IS seriously a mess. We had  add more decking.  A new paint job will be done soon.

I did tease my husband about putting a half moon on it.

It is a bit larger than we had planned, but G really did a good job on this. I have to look at it from the kitchen window so he made it as pretty as possible. We will paint it when we do the deck and it will be gussied up and I will show that on a later post. ( As soon as my muscles stop aching) Until next time!

Thank you Miss Mustard Seed

See this ugly chair, well she was pretty in her hay day but time has taken it's toll on her. This is my favorite chair. Many a cross stitch pattern has been stitched in this chair, movies watched, dog kisses given and friends entertained. She has been a good old girl and I can't bear to part with her. She does deserve better. Sooooo....

Here she is now with her make over! Not to shabby for my first attempt at a slipcover. This is a recliner and I have made this in 4 pieces so it will fit tight but will come off to wash. I got the courage to do this when I ran across a wonderful blog, Miss Mustard Seed. She advised using a drop cloth and I figured what the heck if it does not turn out no big loss. So I bought one and ran with it. Big G could not believe I did it. Thanks for the confidence honey.

Here is the back. I just may do this again! Slowly getting the hang of this blogging stuff. Until next time!
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